Inaugural Stall BBQ post

Stall BBQ’s first ever post

Well, here we go!

My buddy, Michael Romanek, and I (Seth Crowder) have finally decided to begin posting our BBQ adventures online!

Much more to come, but for now, a little background…

Michael fell in love with the intricacies of BBQ about 6 years ago. His brother-in-law had a number of grills and smokers in the backyard and nothing was more satisfying than rising early on a Saturday morning to put a dry-rubbed pork shoulder, rack of St. Louis style ribs, or beef brisket on the smoker while flipping the TV to College Gameday and cracking an ice-cold beer (or 9)  and reveling in the thick, comforting smoke that began to roll from the Big Green Egg. It was a ritual. A time to enjoy the things that make men, well… men. Sports. Beer. Delicious meat candy.

Michael grew up in Nebraska, a state well-known for its corn and cattle. I grew up in Indiana, a state known for corn and basketball. You’d think we should have started a blog about corn! Haha! I’ve always enjoyed great BBQ, but it’s less of a cult in Indiana. So when I moved to California 4 years ago and became friends with Michael, he introduced me to the actual process of making great, low and slow, barbeque. I fell in love with the same ritual and now we make BBQ as much as possible on the Big Green Egg.

I may be a litle biased, but I’ve yet to find a BBQ joint that can top our spare ribs. And the vendors we sampled last weekend at the Silicon Valley BBQ Championships are included in that comparison! That’s not to say that we didn’t sample some great BBQ, but when you really dial in your process and eat them straight off the smoker, you can’t beat that. We started to think – “What if we started our own restaurant some day? What would we call it?” A few names came to mind, but the one that stuck was “The Stall”. A name that pays respect to an ever-so-critical step in most great BBQ.

I’ll wrap this up for now, but I’m excited to keep sharing what we’re up to and really looking forward to (hopefully) building our own little barbeque community on the interwebs and making great frienships and relationships as we continue to develop our skills. The picture below is from yesterday, 7/2/16, when we’d had our brisket on for about 8 hours at that point.

We’d love for you to make comments and posts here and ask questions! We’re not pros (yet), but we’ve learned a thing or two. We’d also love to know if you’d like to see more pictures and maybe a video or two!

Until next time!  – Seth